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The Team

Dino Herrmann

Dino Herrmann started playing the piano in his native Stuttgart in Germany at age five. From age fifteen he was involved with several blues, pop and rock bands to record and play live shows.

His training at Berklee College of Music was in music performance and music production and engineering. After graduating he was offered a job to work at Rusk recording studios in Hollywood. There he has recorded and mixed records for the Latin market and the US.

Dino has worked on many music projects for Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Brandy, Destiniy’s Child, Shakira, Rod Stewart, American Hi-Fi, Boston, Brian McKnight, Shawn Stockman ( Boyz to Men), Def Leppard, Faith Hill and LeeAnn Rimes to name a few.

His continued interest in sound production directed him from 1999 towards audio post production for television and feature movies.

Francois Blaignan

A graduate of Berklee school of music, Francois Blaignan’s career started as a recording engineer in 1990. After a couple of years in the record industry, Francois started working for Frank Serafine with whom he learned the different facets of sound design. A residency at Media Ventures under Claude Letessier, and an association with Jane Anderson of Housework sound design led to a job at Nomad editing where Blaignan collaborated with the top teams in the advertising industry.