CineHyte specializes in developing and producing high quality films that represent extraordinary human experiences and contribute values to society and individuals.

We tell stories that are genuine, unique, and entertaining...


MOSCOW is a poignant love story between a Chinese man and a Russian woman, that unfolds over the course of half a century. The two are ordinary citizens living in extraordinary times; survivors and witnesses to the horrors of modern history.


RACE is a heartwarming epic inspired by the true story of Hans Herrmann. Hans was a race car World Champion from 1950’s to 1970’s. The film focuses on a German race car driver’s survival and triumph in the post war era. His personal journey is a focal point in the landscape of ordinary German citizens’ struggle in rebuilding their country after the defeat in the Second World War.

  • CineHyte provides complete production services for films and television. Our one-stop services for all post-production elements enable us to create cost savings, effective quality control, and timely delivery. Our production team works closely with filmmakers through various stages of picture editing, DI, visual effects, 3D animation, music composition, music editing, dialogue editing, ADR, sound effects, foley, sound mixing and final delivery.